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Gift-Snow Much Fun by TheNarrator-ME Gift-Snow Much Fun :iconthenarrator-me:TheNarrator-ME 3 5
Wouldn't That Be Nice?
It was dark outside.
The sky was a black abyss stretched upward forever without any starlight or moonlight to hold it back. There was a shadowy carpet that stretched before me in the same way, no buildings or houses, no trees or bushes. Only darkness that fell like a mist over the earth.
It was cold outside.
The air felt harsh and unforgiving, a whip that threatened the weak with its sting. There was no warmth of kindness to be given, only to be earned and frozen death to await those who could not.
It was quiet outside...but not really.
Even in the hush of night, I could hear the creaking of cricket legs rubbing back and forth. There was still the whisper of the wind with its warning of the world to come. And there were still the others. They couldn’t be seen, but their beating hearts could be felt. The joy, the fear, the hate, the love, the rage, the disapproval, the disappointment and the sadness bled freely from everyone I couldn’t see, rich with the promise of freedom.
:iconthenarrator-me:TheNarrator-ME 4 0
BATIM-From the Ink Machine by TheNarrator-ME BATIM-From the Ink Machine :iconthenarrator-me:TheNarrator-ME 6 3 Salvador and Peep by TheNarrator-ME Salvador and Peep :iconthenarrator-me:TheNarrator-ME 3 10 BATIM-He Won't Set Us Free by TheNarrator-ME BATIM-He Won't Set Us Free :iconthenarrator-me:TheNarrator-ME 4 1
Inktale: Black and Blue
“HeY SLEE-pInG BeAu-U-uty! wAkE uP!”
The lights in Ink’s eye sockets slowly returned…and for a split second, he thought he’d gone blind.
It was dark. Really, really, really, really, really, really REALLY dark. Dark that went on for what seemed like forever. He squinted and tried to shake away the chills he felt chasing down his spine at the sight of so much blackness. He’d spent so much of his life in the bright colors of the other worlds and the pure emptiness of the Anti-Void that this darkness left him far more unnerved then he felt it should.
“How unusual.” He thought as his eye lights flickered into different shapes, trying to find one that would allow him to see more clearly.
None did.
“hEy! cOMe oN pAl! I sAiD uP!”
Ink let out a yelp as he was jerked upright by the sapphire strings that pinned his arms to his sides. Now that he was sitting more comfortably, Ink looked down at them curiously. They were as thin as
:iconthenarrator-me:TheNarrator-ME 8 8
Next up...A Pear-ouette by TheNarrator-ME Next up...A Pear-ouette :iconthenarrator-me:TheNarrator-ME 0 2 (CLOSED)Guess Adopts-Who Needs a Fourth Wall? by TheNarrator-ME (CLOSED)Guess Adopts-Who Needs a Fourth Wall? :iconthenarrator-me:TheNarrator-ME 5 34 Dis-Colour: Skate Sisters? by TheNarrator-ME Dis-Colour: Skate Sisters? :iconthenarrator-me:TheNarrator-ME 4 6 Sing With Me! by TheNarrator-ME Sing With Me! :iconthenarrator-me:TheNarrator-ME 1 2 Infinity Train: We are Number One! by TheNarrator-ME Infinity Train: We are Number One! :iconthenarrator-me:TheNarrator-ME 3 0
Inktale: Unknown Error
“And this the greatest room in the entire house! The room of the Sensational Sans!”
The stubby little skeleton threw the door open with a flourish, inviting his new friend inside. The walls were a cool blue, the same kind as the bandana that wrapped around the skeleton’s neck, and as they entered they saw even more evidence pointing towards its owner. A table neatly lined with action figures, a bed shape into a sailboat with a whtite sail hanging against the wall and an organized bookshelf filled with everything from “Rules and Regulations of the Royal Guard” to “Advanced Puzzle Construction for Critical Minds” and most concerning of all, “How to Capture a Human”.
At least, it would have been concerning had Chara not already met the books owner.
They turned their gaze back towards their new friend who was eagerly showing off everything they’d taken in at a glance, now with vivid detail. He seemed to have a thousand stories beh
:iconthenarrator-me:TheNarrator-ME 7 0
A Hug for Matpat by TheNarrator-ME A Hug for Matpat :iconthenarrator-me:TheNarrator-ME 5 0 (CLOSED) Guess Adopts-Indie Shop of Horror by TheNarrator-ME (CLOSED) Guess Adopts-Indie Shop of Horror :iconthenarrator-me:TheNarrator-ME 9 31
Cinder Hall: Chasing Candlelight
“A sky as black as charcoal, it burned with silver lights.
A wind as sharp as needles, its fangs are tipped with ice.
The hills a sea of shadows, hiding its warm delight
its single flame a guide to those out wandering through the night
Their silhouettes together, forgetting time and weather,
their worries disappear, their hearts are full of cheer
“And I’m writing stupid poems up here while everyone else is out having a party.” Mason grumbled, shoving his notebook aside.
It wasn’t a very good line for the poem, but it summed his mood much better.
He slumped back against the window box, looking at the school grounds for what was likely the thousandth time. It was almost the same as how his poem had described it. A cold starry night shining over a dark field whose shadows fled in the light a massive bonfire. He could see shapes of students running around, talking with friends and drinking from plastic cups. He could even make out the
:iconthenarrator-me:TheNarrator-ME 3 1
Inktale: Worlds Begining
“Man….I am so tired today.”
He slouched up against the nearby pillar, trying his best to look collected even as the exhaustion began to take hold. His head burned as if by fire, yet he knew the warm sensation dripping down his skull was blood. Blood that wasn’t his
The golden windows of Judgement Hall were began to blur around him, their prophetic ‘angel’ fading into a swirl of soft yellows.
Well, it depended on which angel you were talking about. Apparently there were some different interpretations….but none of them were true. At least not in this run, not really.
Calling that thing any kind of angel was a joke and not a very funny one either.
He dragged his gaze away from the windows to meet the being before him. Ragged hair coated in pale white dust, a sharpened knife clutched in their hand, a tattered purple shirt with pale pink stripes….or was that green with yellow stripes?
Uhhh, he really wasn’t seeing straight today.
:iconthenarrator-me:TheNarrator-ME 5 0

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Little Witch by MAFcartoons Little Witch :iconmafcartoons:MAFcartoons 1 2 Freja by M1LL10N Freja :iconm1ll10n:M1LL10N 5 8 Evolution of Pearl design by DAV-19 Evolution of Pearl design :icondav-19:DAV-19 21,254 0 whats your sign by kikipanda11 whats your sign :iconkikipanda11:kikipanda11 2 2
ADOct: Harris Weinhard
Weinhard Manor

The envelope had sat like a sword of Damocles on his kitchen table. It hadn't been delivered to the post office, nor through a contact. This was on his front porch, settled nice and gentle before his door. It did nothing for his paranoia. Three days later, however, and he was pulling up the long drive to the Weinhard Manor. The weather had been threatening to turn south all day but it didn't stop the landscapers as they hurried about the huge manicured space. Taking it in for a moment, he noticed a curtain shifting at the front door and knew he was being watched.
Adjusting the ball cap that covered a sandy blonde fade cut he took up the thick metal clipboard on his passenger seat and headed for the door. A rather severe looking man answered it before he was even able to knock. This guy just screamed – butler. Both men seemed to sum the other up before Tomas let a bright smile break across his clean shaven face.
“Good mornin', sir.”
:iconartsquirrel:ArtSquirrel 3 5
Atlas Shrugs by Conartistrdesigns Atlas Shrugs :iconconartistrdesigns:Conartistrdesigns 2 1 Little Ami Zombie girl by PixiTales Little Ami Zombie girl :iconpixitales:PixiTales 211 12 30DDC: Masks/ day 28 by Lunaoftheheart 30DDC: Masks/ day 28 :iconlunaoftheheart:Lunaoftheheart 4 5 Twilight Sparkle by SilverW0lff92 Twilight Sparkle :iconsilverw0lff92:SilverW0lff92 16 2 Nagashi Closed Species | now belongs to Tenshilove by SparksTea Nagashi Closed Species | now belongs to Tenshilove :iconsparkstea:SparksTea 225 45
Beauty And Nacre
    Hello and welcome to Beauty & Nacre, you're one stop shop for all things Pearl.
Need an assistant, show winner or you're just plan lonely? Well look no further! Our made to order Purebred Pearls are made to impress.
We have  all 5 breeds available in stock and in a verity of colors, from Pale blue to Mystic Black.
All cost info is below. We accept Points and Cash (Paypal link below)
After you've made a selection please Note your order to :iconwhiteshiningdiamond:
A link to  Pearl Breeds. Recognized Pearl Breeds
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= Regular Pic -- 5$ or 500 points
Using our handy-dandy custom made Pearl base we'll whip you up a Pearl in no time.
(Paypal -- )
:iconqueendarike:QueenDarike 9 2
GAME ON by cartoongirl7 GAME ON :iconcartoongirl7:cartoongirl7 120,731 13,045
I'll be doing 10 custom pearls!
Each are 10 points
Only 2 per person please (we want to leave some for others)
Just fill this out
Pearl Type:
Pearl Placement:
1. TheDragonKinz199 done
2. Jazareut done
3. ari-gator done
4. Minty-Draws unpaid
5. Minty-Draws unpaid
:icontourmalinetree:TourmalineTree 3 20
Cadaver Twins by Boybites Cadaver Twins :iconboybites:Boybites 42 2 Observer: Evil Refrence Sheet by Chibi-Works Observer: Evil Refrence Sheet :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 632 182 Nightmares by Parororo Nightmares :iconparororo:Parororo 3,164 140
FREE ICON - Drunken Dummy by Crazdude
I Respect All Art Stamp Revamp by Sinister-Starfeesh

Look at all the awesome stuff!



TheNarrator-ME's Profile Picture
United States
Hello everyone! I am the Narrator, though I go by the pen name of M.E.Watkins. While my art skills are standard and my only real drawing style is cartoons, I'll be posting them here as often as possible.
At heart though, I'm an author. I love fantasy, mystery and tales that are tinged with darkness. Hopefully the stories I write here will be worth your while.
I hope to see you around!

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Dis-Colour: Gem Blank by TheNarrator-ME Dis-Colour: Amelia Andrews by TheNarrator-ME Dis-Colour: Quillian Necromanus by TheNarrator-ME
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Man, have I been gone for a while. As a quick thing, sorry that I haven't been as active lately. I've been in an RV driving across country with my family and internet has been come a tricky thing to find. Not to mention that not having a scanner means I can't post pictures as well. Hope you'll all understand.
Now then, today's tag has once again been brought to you by :iconemptyproxy: so without further we go!

-You have to tag him when you do this.:iconcainepearson:
-You have to tag 10 people. A lot of the people I know don't RP so I'm just going to tag anyone who reads this and likes RPing (Maybe even with me? //Flutters eyelashes//)

(1) Who am I as a roleplayer?
To me it's basically just story writing for fun, except with someone else telling part of the story. Like a popcorn story! I love getting to build character relationships and personalities, but I'm just as into messing around in weirdness or fandom stuff.

(2) Characters?
Pretty much every character I have could be RPed with and I got TONS of those, but there's no way I could make a Ref sheet for them all. At the moment I'm most interested in RPing with Cocker Groach, Glub, Tootie (No ref for him yet. He's a boy fused with tortoise DNA and a turtle shell attacked to his back who's slow, thick-whitted, sweet, helpful and might be hiding a secret or two), Chrissie, Weatherly, OB and StickySalvador and a few others I don't have refs for.

(3) Main Genres I Prefer?
Anything really so long as it's not boring.

(4) Main Genre I Don't like?
Um.......the sex kind.

(5) Times for Replies?
If you want a longer reply, which I do prefer, it'll take longer while I'm on the road. Maybe a day if I'm lucky If you want short, it usually only takes a few seconds.

6) How long have you been roleplaying?
A year online, but I've done table top RPing with my siblings for three.

(7) Who was the first character you ever roleplayed?
Gem Blank, a character created souly for the RP group Did-Colour and also the reason I joined DA in the first place.

(8) Longest you've had an account on a site?
Um...Club Penguin I guess (Murdered by Disney-RIP) I had an account since back when yellow puffles were new. This is the only site I've RPed on though so a year for RP sites.

(9) How many accounts (not including characters accounts)

(10) Person you have known on RP the longest?
Hm....TomboyKei probably. She used to be a part of Dis-Colour and I had a lot of fun with her and a few other kids over there. We haven't talked much lately since she started her own RP group :iconPrismaticHaven: but she's still pretty cool.

(11) Favorite character you have role played?
Probably Gem since she'd gotten the most growth, though I do have a sweet spot Quillian. Something about RPing a psycho bad guy is just so fun!

(12) Do you ever add fans? 
//Looks out into the empty seats// Maybe once I get some...

(13) RP best friends?
//Shrugs// Most folks I RP with tend to drift off. Not a lot of deep relationship stuff I'm afraid/

(14) Character you want to bring back?
Did they go anywhere?

(15) What do you do when you're not roleplaying?
Write, play video games, chill with my siblings and gab with said siblings about either My Hero Academia or whichever Yu-Gi-Oh series we're on....with bits of sightseeing thrown in.

(16) What are your most used characters?
Gem again.

(17) Who do you look up to Roleplayer wise?


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